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The BS in Digital Film program provides advanced production training in cinema, combined with the opportunity to work on commercial projects and documentary productions in a real-world environment.  In addition to learning operational aspects of digital film, such as lighting, camera, and sound production requirements, students will receive hands-on training in pre- and post-production techniques.  The program also include academic coursework in film theory, history and criticism, screenwriting, editing, and documentary production.

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Advanced Filming Techniques

Learn to identify text and motion graphics, FX and live action footage, advanced color correction techniques, 3D camera tracking and warp stabilization, chroma keying techniques.

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Gain knowledge of production processes like screenwriting, digital photography, camera, movement, lighting, and sound.


The mission of the Digital Film Department is to cultivate a well rounded educational experience for students; comprising of film production history, theory, and aesthetics. Whether a student’s goal is a career in feature films, to create their own production company, or anywhere in between, they will graduate with the technical esthetic and theoretical skills to succeed in the industry. We encourage those in the program to find a focus and follow that path as their skills grow.

Each student will receive hands on experience with state of the art digital filmmaking equipment​. Students will be taught screenwriting skills to advance their story and character development. They will learn critical analysis in film critique classes. Students will be asked to facilitate their own production with all its moving parts, from lens selection and framing the shot, down to time management and post-production. As part of the curriculum, students will become skilled in studio lighting technique. For students who are interested in Documentary Production, we offer classes that focus in this area of study. Students will learn skills ranging from interview technique to sculpting an edit for the most engaging story.

Utah Tech Film Students have the major advantage of working with professionals in DOCUTAH, UT’s International Documentary Film Festival. Students will learn how to apply creative applications in post production and will have access to a pool of actors within the drama department for their Narrative Film productions. Each semester students will screen their films for critique amongst peers and faculty. We are a department that encourages creativity, self-expression, and critical thinking.

In addition, the Digital Film program includes the opportunity to participate in UT Films which provides students with real-world experience in their chosen field and adds financial stability to a growing program.



  • Assess and critique the efficacy of various theoretical filmmaking techniques by surveying the evolution of cinematic language within various historical and cultural contexts.
  • Identify and apply professional film industry standards regarding set protocol, etiquette, and safety through practice operating in various capacities on film sets.
  • Examine, assess and apply technical skills related to a variety of audio-visual equipment, hardware, and software required during the pre-production, production, & post-production processes.
  • Design, coordinate and execute meticulous production plans and schedules for collaborative film projects from conception to delivery.
  • Appraise and apply various visual, aural, and written communication techniques to convey the elements of story.




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